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Welcome to PiWorld

This site is just my little corner of the internet.  Yes.. I know it's unprofessional and a mess...  but it is all mine :)  It is written using ExpressionWeb and I'm the first to admit that figuring out how to make this all neat requires more energy I can put into it right now.

The PiWorld Blog (also accessable through various blog buttons on this page) uses WordPress and is far easier to keep tidy and organized for writing about generic day-to-day stuff. If you want to learn about my favourite topics, check it out :) 

 I update this website on a pseudo-random basis.  In general it's a great place to store all my links, for whenever I happen to find myself somewhere other than my "home-base" computer.

Comments in any form (i.e. on the About Me tab.. or preferably on the Blog) are encouraged, as I am trying to learn what (if any) traffic comes by here..