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Trip Advisor - A great way to get reviews on sights of the world by independent travellers.

Panoramio - Pictures of the world for all to share
Most Travelled People - If you are into collecting countries...  this is the site for you!
Direct Flights - Shows all direct flights from most airports in the world.
Optifly - Figures out the various routings between any 2 cities worldwide.
SeatGuru - Rates EVERY airplane seat on any airline...  consult before booking your seat.
FlyerTalk - THE site for all people who like to ride on airplanes.  All the inside info!
EarthURL -  An easy way to share a map location by URL alone.
FlightArrivals - A general site to find flight arrival times anywhere
HomeLink International - Trade your home for a holiday somewhere exotic
SeatCounter - Great site which shows real-time seat availability of specific flights
Burj Dubai  - If you're heading to Dubai....   here's the construction of the worlds tallest building
Flight Aware - A real-time tracking tool for all flights in North America
Google Earth Community - Everything you ever wanted to know about Google Earth